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Novus International
Valuing Our Role
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Valuing Partnerships
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Valuing People, Passion & Purpose
Part: 03
Valuing Governance & Transparency
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Our Reporting

This fifth global Sustainability Report of Novus International, Inc. describes our approach to sustainability and the actions we have taken during 2012 to advance responsible and sustainable business practices. In all cases, data relates to the 2012 calendar year unless otherwise stated. Relevant information and case studies from the early part of 2013 also are included.

In developing this report, we have considered input from our stakeholders, gathered throughout the year in meetings and discussions through many channels in several countries. The CSO and other Novus executives determined the selection of content for this report based on an updated assessment of the material issues which affect Novus and our stakeholders.

This report has been written in accordance with the principles advised by the Global Reporting Initiative Technical Protocol for defining report content. These are: Materiality (the issues most important for our long-term business growth and which are of most importance to stakeholders), Stakeholder Inclusiveness (responding to stakeholder expectations and interests), Sustainability Context (presenting our performance in the wider contexts of sustainability issues), and Completeness (inclusion of all the information which reflects significant economic impacts in order to enable stakeholders to assess our performance).

The scope of this report covers all Novus operations globally, including wholly-owned and majority-owned subsidiaries. Environmental data covers Novus-owned or Novus-operated manufacturing plants and research centers. Exceptions have been noted where relevant.

This is the fifth successive year we have reported on sustainability and we intend to continue to report annually. We have not sought external assurance of this Sustainability Report due to resource limitations, but we acknowledge that the entire report content is evaluated by an external consultant whose role includes evaluating the data and information provided by Novus. Over 50 Novus personnel, including Novus Senior Executives, were interviewed for the purpose of gathering and verifying data processes for this report.

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