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Novus International
Valuing Our Role
Part: 01
Valuing Partnerships
Part: 02
Valuing People, Passion & Purpose
Part: 03
Valuing Governance & Transparency
Part: 04

Points of Value in the Novus Value Chain

The biggest impact in our Value Chain is the contribution we make to global food security, food safety and food quality for millions of consumers throughout the world who consume animal proteins which have benefited from Novus feed supplements. Our products have an inherent sustainability advantage: they help protein producers at all stages in animal food production deliver more food at lower cost, with higher quality and safety and lower environmental impact, combined with enhanced well-being for their animals. Each of us at Novus is committed to the improved profitability and sustainability of our customers, who deliver food products to our global markets.

While there are many sustainability aspects which are relevant to our journey and to our stakeholders, we believe there are five significant issues that reflect a combination of stakeholder interests and our own business growth.

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