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Novus International
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2012 Novus Sustainability Highlights

  • January
Sponsoring The Arts
January - November

Novus granted over 15 arts and culture-based sponsorships throughout the year including the Arts and Education Council’s Annual Arts Awards, Dance St. Louis Ballet Ball, St. Louis Ballet Annual Gala, and the Plantasia- Annual Fundraiser for Donald Danforth Plant Science Center.

New Focus On Customers

Novus launched our new Triple S Bottom Line based on a customer-centric commitment, Solutions, Service, and Sustainability, to meet the needs of a growing world through localized solutions, committed service and unparalleled sustainability.

Sustainable Beef

Novus launched NEXT ENHANCE®, boosting efficiency and weight gain in beef cattle for more affordable and sustainable agriculture.

LEED Certification

Novus achieved the Sustainable Sites Initiative SITES™ 3-Star Certification for the global headquarters campus of Novus making it one of the highest rated landscape projects in the world.

Science Based Careers

Novus’s fourth annual Science in Action provided an opportunity for college students from across the state of Missouri to gain insight into different science- based careers. The students were recipients of science scholarships through the Missouri Colleges Fund scholarship program. Each year, Novus funds scholarships for students at 16 universities

Annual Art Walk

Novus and its employees increased their giving to the 2012 St. Louis Arts & Education Council Annual Campaign, donating over $12,000. At the conclusion of the campaign, over 400 guests from the community joined the fourth Annual Novus Art Walk, with artwork presented by over 30 local artists and arts organizations.

SITES Program

Novus hosted a Roundtable Discussion, “LEED & SITES: Excellence through Design,” at our global headquarters, gathering industry leaders to explore the role that corporations can play in the broader recognition and adoption of LEED and SITES certification standards and initiatives.

Dialogue For RIO+20

Novus partnered with Business for the Environment (B4E) to provide a platform for the agriculture industry to take policy recommendations forward to Rio+20 united Nations Earth Summit in Brazil. Novus held two B4E dialogue events in Germany and Rio.

Partnership with IFAMA

Novus employees in the U.S. and China partnered with the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA) to deliver its Annual World Symposium, in Shanghai. Novus President and CEO, Thad Simons, was named President Elect of IFAMA.

Partnership in CHAD

Novus partnered with the Chad government and Globoaves, a Brazilian- based poultry breeder, to develop a modern poultry production complex in Chad, a breakthrough initiative to advance the Chad government’s national food security program. The project will continue over two years.

Partnership With IEC/FAO

Novus announced our support of the International Egg Commission’s (IEC) involvement with a new partnership launched by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 2012 to improve and harmonize the way in which the livestock industry’s environmental impacts are measured.

Novus Scholars

Novus entered the seventh year of our Novus Graduate Scholars Program which engages with universities in China, India, Korea, Vietnam, Brazil, Canada, Kenya and the U.S. to identify outstanding research students and offer them a unique opportunity to enhance their experience, knowledge and skills while advancing their sustainable agriculture research.

Human Nutrition

Stratum Nutrition signed an international agreement with food and health products company Anagenix (New Zealand) to advance the development and distribution of New Zealand- made, high-quality nutritional products, with a focus on ingredients deriving from the “super fruit” kiwi.

Annual Food Drive

Novus held our second annual food drive to benefit the St. Louis Area Foodbank which provides meals for hungry people in the St. Louis area. Novus and its employees contributed money and helped collect and pack food products for people in need.

Women in Agriculture

Novus entered our third year of partnership with the African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) program, helping to fast-track the careers of outstanding African women agricultural scientists. We welcomed our third Research Fellow, Matilda Ayim-Akonor of Ghana, to work with our R&D group to better understand respiratory diseases in poultry.

Dialogue for Eggs

Novus hosted an Egg and Ag Industry Roundtable and Sustainability Egg for leaders throughout the international egg industry, academia, producers and NGOs who are working to establish benchmarking for sustainability.


Novus launched a new state- of-the-art website for Novus Methionine Solutions. It offers nutritionists, feed industry decision- makers and livestock producers easy access to information on sources of methionine activity for livestock, companion and aquatic animal diets.

Celebrating Eggs

Novus partnered with egg industry associations around the world for the third consecutive year to support World Egg Day. Numerous events were held throughout Novus world areas to promote the nutritional benefits of eggs and raise public awareness of the importance eggs play in a nutritious and healthy diet.

Sustainable Poultry

Novus announced the launch of SPORULIN® Direct-Fed Microbial (DFM) for the poultry industry, developed at the university of Arkansas after five years of research and manufactured by Pacific Vet Group-USA. Novus has the exclusive distribution rights for this product in many countries around the world.

BLIS Genome

Novus published the full genome sequence of our Blis K18 and K12 products. Knowledge of the genome enables scanning for certain DNA sequences that are linked to pathogenicity or antibiotic resistance which is a critical step in ensuring the safety profile of the products.

GenNext Society

Novus employees formed a corporate chapter for the united Way GenNext Society, which provides an opportunity for young professionals to get involved in the community while advancing their careers. Novus hosted an introductory event for over 60 people, raising $1,000 to benefit the GenNext Society.

Dialogue for Beef

Novus hosted a Global Beef Roundtable in the U.S., gathering together more than 20 beef industry representatives from the U.S., Brazil, Mexico and Australia for a discussion about challenges and opportunities for the beef industry. Sustainability was high on the agenda.

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