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Novus International
Valuing Our Role
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Valuing Partnerships
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Valuing People, Passion & Purpose
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Valuing Governance & Transparency
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How Does Novus Advance Science and Knowledge?

How Does Novus Advance Science and Knowledge?

Sharing Methionine Knowledge “All methionine sources are not created equal. ALIMET®, MHA®, and MERA Met® have been adopted worldwide by many of the producers with the best economic performance. Methionine hydroxy analog simply works better. The heat stress and organic acid benefits add to the methionine efficacy to give better performance in the animals. It’s as simple as that.”

How Does Novus Inspire Employees with Purpose?

The pace of change at Novus remains fast and all- encompassing as we continue to adapt to new models in our marketplace and opportunities to advance our mission. No small part of this is aligning our organizational structure to ensure we are serving our customers in the best way possible. Throughout 2012, we continued to realign at a global level and this required some shifting of staff and work force reduction in certain locations as we build teams in places where they are most critically needed. In 2012, we regretted to have to release 72 employees, including 32 in the U.S. Outside of the U.S., our employee team has increased and we hired additional staff to support growing needs in our Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa regions as well as in Latin America.
How Does Novus Advance Environmental Stewardship?

How Does Novus Advance Environmental Stewardship?

The greatest benefit we can have in terms of protecting our environment is providing our global customers with solutions that enable more efficient operations, with fewer resources, reduced waste levels and the highest possible efficiencies. However, we also take responsibility for the way we operate very seriously and accept accountability for our own impacts. We adopt a precautionary approach, including sustainable thinking in all that we do, and encourage our employees to adopt green practices wherever possible. We respect and observe all environmental laws and regulations in all the countries in which we operate. In addition, we optimize resource consumption, while minimizing the associated environmental impacts resulting from our use of energy, water and materials in production and logistics operations around the world. We take part in important environmental initiatives, such as the Sustainable Sites Initiative™ (SITES™) program in the U.S., and other programs around the world.

How Does Novus Maintain Supply Chain Quality and Efficiency?

Insights from Michael Gerrits, Executive Manager: “Starting in 2011 and continuing into 2012, we defined SKU (stock-keeping unit) rationalization programs for different products in our range, starting with organic acids and gut environment modifiers and then others. We significantly reduced the number of formulas we work with and this has led to manufacturing efficiencies and easier product management. This also reduces the amount of raw material stocks and finished product inventories we carry, and this has a beneficial effect on waste. An efficient, lean supply chain is a sustainable one and we already are seeing the benefits."
How Does Novus Support Local Communities?

How Does Novus Support Local Communities?

We believe it is important to support the communities where we live, serve and do business. Part of our support is centered on our involvement in the arts community and culture as well as improving the quality of life wherever we are. As a company, we donate funds to support social, cultural and community causes together with our employees, who also donate significant sums from their own pockets, which are matched by Novus. We feel it is important to maintain a personal presence and get involved – meeting, talking, helping, and advancing what’s important to those around us. We encourage the volunteering spirit within our employee team and forge deep- reaching partnerships within our communities.
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